Travel Start-Up Brand Development | Design | Strategy | Experience Blueprint
Role:  Creative Director  |  Experience Strategy Consultant   
Tourius intends to stand out from its competition as a startup in the travel & tourism industry by offering highly-personalized educational and "voluntourism" adventures.  With a mix of stateside and international destinations and experiential activities that range from cooking and language classes to conservation efforts and excavations, Tourius connects travelers to the world in a deeper and more meaningful way.
Travel can be exhilarating and, at times, life-changing.  More often, however, it falls somewhere short of that.  For travelers interested in returning with something more than a tan and trinkets, an instructional / learning or volunteering component is an ideal solution.
Challenge:  Create an inspirational experience blueprint, including a brand identity and visual language for the company, a copy platform that both unifies and elevates the brand, and a digital roadmap.
Solution:  I delivered an end-to-end brand identity system and experience strategy that included the design of a flexible logo, brand mark, comprehensive style guide, guidance for website UX/UI and mobile applications, and style guides for trade show booths and pop-up info & booking centers.  
Additionally I established copy guidelines, created a service catalog template, and designed a range of promotional merchandise.
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