Virtual Reality | Interview-Based Soft Skills Training Experience
Concept:  Social Service and Medicaid programs are in place to help individuals and families get the assistance they need when they’re faced with difficult circumstances.  In this experience, you (the user) are a social service caseworker. You have the responsibility of completing a face-to-face interview with Carlos and Patricia who have applied for supplemental food (S.N.A.P.), cash and medical assistance.
Your job is to engage them in such a way that you understand their financial and non-financial circumstances as accurately as possible.
Production Note:  This training experience was created with actors in live-action sequences, and uses dynamic narrative, immersive storytelling and natural language processing to transform how caseworkers practice and hone data-gathering and decision-making skills.   
The experience requires only a wireless Oculus® headset, a downloadable app and a WiFi connection.  It offers a new route to build deep caseworker skills as well as to foster greater understanding among policymakers.
Personal Note:  The story of Patricia, Carlos and Theo is fictional, but it reflects the circumstances of many families who require food assistance every day across the U.S..  I developed the detailed backstory and script with the thoughtful input of the County of San Diego Health & Human Services | Eligibility Operations team.  
The training is designed to work in all states and can be tailored to accommodate regional & county-level requirements. 
Creative Direction & Strategy  | Immersive Narrative Development | Virtual Reality Experience Design

The VR-based learning platform was designed specifically for highly-realistic, 360-degree and immersive training experiences.  This video explains how our virtual dialogues and experiences are inspiring meaningful actions across a range of industries from social services to customer service, law enforcement, healthcare, human resources and beyond. 

An elaborate backstory was created for the fictional applicant family in the Investigative Interview experience and was woven into the dynamic narrative script.  User questions and comment choices during the virtual interview determine the specific details revealed about the family's financial situation.

The training experience includes numerous on-screen prompts and question options that mimic the flow and process of an actual interview.  These Interface elements are minimal in design, and this gives the trainee as close to a barrier-free and "natural" experience as possible.  

Dynamic Narrative Question Options
Dynamic Narrative Question Options
Realistic "Live" Answers
Realistic "Live" Answers
360° Office View | Rear
360° Office View | Rear
360° Office View | User Menu
360° Office View | User Menu
Example images pulled from the Oculus VR | "headset on" immersive training experience

The training experience is designed as a two-part immersive "headset on" interview, combined with an in class "headset off" follow-up discussion, additional coursework and review.

Live-Action Green Screen Shoot | 360° Environment Replacement
Live-Action Green Screen Shoot | 360° Environment Replacement
Dynamic Narrative Script | User-Driven Story Discovery
Dynamic Narrative Script | User-Driven Story Discovery
Live-action | green screen footage was combined with 360-degree office environment footage to complete the visual experience.

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