Creative Content Strategy & Production | Enhanced E-Commerce Brand Experience
Role:  Executive Creative Director  |  Content Strategy Director  |  Enterprise-Level Creative Production and Operations SME 
Consumer brands are in a constant battle to rank higher in search engines, accumulate favorable reviews, and look more appealing to shoppers.  This fight for relevance and approval is compounded across an ever-expanding number of third-party e-commerce sites, social media platforms, mobile & XR apps, and product pages.          
Challenge summary:   Consider the full spectrum of original content required to fill the global e-commerce "digital shelf" - with 340 websites, 50 billion digital ads served, and 1.2 million assets produced.  Devise a system of modular, high-quality, and cross-media assets to optimize original and adaptive content and quickly scale overall production volume.  Integrate creative, media, technology, and production into a holistic and agile solution with faster speed to market, more efficiency and consistency across business units, and higher quality content.
Solution:  I devised a modular system of foundational motion and static building-block components. As the example images below illustrate, the flexibility and modularity of each were central to my production solution.  Understanding the scope of potential delivery modes, common uses, and host platforms, helped define what should be produced and distributed, at what scale and in what order.
Methodology:  The first step was to translate each brand's creative platform into a universally understood visual language.  This allowed the production team to focus, for example, on the culture-bridging "playful" experience of dunking an Oreo cookie in milk, or the satisfying snap of a Toblerone Crunchy Salted Almond bar.  The more easily and universally understood, the higher the potential utilization.
Next, I implemented a unifying palette of color block backgrounds to create an overarching family-of-brands feel across all imagery.  The assets were also designed with breathing room for copy and additional product integration.
And finally, I styled the imagery to convey “rich taste appeal” without requiring excessive post-production.  Since this called for a level of splashy, crumby, and messy imperfection, I chose to use high-resolution / ultra high-speed video to capture the wide spectrum of action and static shots.
• • •
Examples of the modular creative components:  high-resolution and adaptive motion and static building block assets that can be resized, cropped, layered with product, logos and text, and assembled into an infinite range of size formats and durations to suite distinct platforms across the global omnichannel spectrum.    
The diagram on the left shows the range of asset types across all consumer touchpoints.  The area of focus for this work (Original Digital Content) is highlighted in blue.  

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