Large-Format Video Presentation | Experiential Media Design
Role: Creative Director | Motion Designer | Scriptwriter | Animation & Scaled Production SME 
I designed this animated video-wall projection for use across Accenture’s numerous innovation studios and co-creation labs in the United States and Europe.  The x-large 8000px x 1000px (8K) format accommodates external conference venue widescreen projections and seamless 360-degree full-surround viewing within the company's immersive presentation conference rooms.
By creating innovative and engaging experiences, we allow potential candidates and clients to open up to a broader and heightened understanding of the changing global marketplace.  
This specific animation was intended for general, public-facing industry outreach and recruiting events, and gives viewers a taste of the broad spectrum of industries and services in which Accenture specializes.
The motion design is intentionally slow(er), and the color palette is relatively muted to balance the fact that both are hugely amplified in full surround and at a massive scale.
Video | Flat Screen Version
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