On-Demand Media | Action Sports Lifestyle Brand & OTT Channel 
Role: Creative Director | Head of Creative & Content Strategy | Brand Design | Content Development 
Network A is a multi-platform action sports entertainment channel that was first launched as part of the YouTube Original Channel Initiative. With 287 million global video views and 1.7 million global subscribers, the network was ranked at various points as the fastest growing action sports collective on YouTube and also ranked in the top 1% of all YouTube channels.
I led this branding, experience strategy and overall design effort as part of Network A's evolution to a stand-alone (multi-platform) branded video entertainment channel during its official re-launch as networka.com.  This involved content planning and development, web & mobile design, social strategy, and promotional components. 
From surfing to drifting to BMX, Network A brings fans exclusive coverage of the aspirational culture of action sports, delivered across all platforms, to all screens.  This new design helped convey the network's unique identity and personality and also allowed for future expansion to merchandise, non-video content, experiential, events and beyond.
Video Content Examples | Episodic Short-Form Series

"Alana Blanchard - Surfer Girl" | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

"Every Third Thursday" | Signal Snowboards

"Asphalt" | Parkour Kids of the Gaza Strip

"Garage Tours with Chris Forsberg" | Magnus Walker + Porsche 

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