Patient Learning Platform | Digital Solution Roadmap & Experience Innovation
Role:  Director of Design and Experience Strategy  |  Executive Creative Director  |  Content Development & Production 
Objective:  Understand the current patient learning experience for adults who have been diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) or Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) and have chosen to self-administer HyQvia treatment via infusion.
More specifically, understand how patients access available learning resources and apply this knowledge before, during, and after infusing HyQvia.  Define the pain points in their learning process that can be addressed with best-in-class digital and content-based solutions.
Assess how patients would accept and adopt new learning tools and validate opportunities for continued exploration.
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Field Research: Over a two-month period, a wide cross section of the PI community, including current patients and patient advocates, nurse educators, and supporting health care and immunology professionals were interviewed in person or instructed to provide in-depth video journals.  Aggregate insights were documented or further explored and validated where necessary. 
Key Research Insights & Outcomes | Themes repeated most frequently:
• Staying connected to the PI community is essential.  This is more than about finding those around me, it’s about beginning to make connections with those who are living with PI.
• PI is about my entire life.  For many patients we interviewed, a whole-life perspective is front of mind.  PI is an incurable illness - not a disease that is overcome with treatment, and patients are looking for support on their journeys that will last and evolve over a lifetime.
• Teach me simply.  The key to learning is not only being taught by individuals, but also learning in small, digestible and easily accessible modes.
• Make it digital and personalized it for me.  It’s not only about meeting patients at their unique points along their journeys, but also about making their experience highly-personalized and accessible digitally.  PI doesn't stop patients from living their lives as fully as possible, and learning resources need to be conveniently accessed and relevant at all times.
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Layers of Learning:  Segmented into three levels of impact, patient "learning" opportunities are defined as education, training or instruction.  Education is the most general and covers basic understanding of Primary Immunodeficiency.  Training is more focused and covers detailed information about methods of treatment for PI.  Instruction is highly detailed and personalized information on PI treatment and the self-administration of HyQvia subcutaneous infusions.
Patient Learning Journey Map | Moments That Matter
The patient journey is complex and, because many adults living with PI have spent years dealing with the disease before being diagnosed, no two journeys are the same.  The map below summarizes as close as possible what a "typical" experience is and highlights the important moments of discovery and critical learning that take place between diagnosis and the patient's first HyQvia self-administration.   
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Facilitated Co-Create Workshop
The next step was to design an intensive, facilitated workshop that brought together various teams and disciplines from across Takeda.  This allowed us to share our research findings and build consensus with stakeholders on a  solution roadmap inclusive of digital products and content.    
After fully inhabiting the current state patient learning experience, participants envisioned future services and solutions that would truly benefit HyQvia patients during their journeys after diagnosis.
Areas of opportunity: Three focus areas were identified during the workshop as having the potential for immediate impact on patient learning.  Each were slated for development:
Modular On-Demand Video Library - a continuously updated short-form content with topics ranging from PI awareness to detailed self-administer treatment.
Digital Self-Administer Flip Book - a personalized mobile app that guides patients through each step to self-administer treatment.  This app would replace an existing printed guide.
Digital Learning Platform - a sponsored, digital learning platform for therapies that scales human connection and provides patient learning in whatever mode they prefer (written, video, illustration, long, short... etc.)
Patient Needs Addressed:
Personalize it for me - Instruction tailored to individual learning needs
Make it real - More interactive solution, catered to individual equipment and learning needs
Validate my feelings - Validate patient experience
Set my expectations - Set more realistic expectations for patients for HyQvia treatment
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